Lord Maitreya

For each planet, a master holds the office that represents the universal Christ consciousness for that planet. Lord Maitreya holds this office for earth. He was also the master depicted (in distorted and primitive form) as the “God” in the Garden of Eden. The reality behind the myth is that Lord Maitreya was and is the overseer of the spiritual schoolroom (sometimes called a Mystery School) in which lifestreams are prepared to take embodiment on earth and deal with the initiations represented by the density of this realm.

For profound teachings from Lord Maitreya,especially concerning the fall in the Garden of Eden, see the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Title Created Date Author
If you hide from Maitreya, the Serpent becomes your teacher 08.01.2011 Lord Maitreya
Why Russia cannot free itself from the past 11.06.2017 Maitreya
How to overcome doubt 27.08.2012 Lord Maitreya
34. The eternal challenge of Christ 28.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
33. Preach a non-dualistic gospel to all creatures 27.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
32. Non-dual interactions 26.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
31. How religion needs to change 25.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
30. Creating a new openness in the religious debate 24.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
29. How to free yourself from false teachers 23.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
28. How to help free people from the dualistic mindset 22.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
27. Who can free the world from dualistic religion? 21.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
26. How to fulfill your mission on Earth 20.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
25. Overcoming the dualistic mindset 19.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
24. Discovering your mission on Earth 18.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
23. Understanding how the blind leaders approach religion 17.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
22. Understanding how beings fall 16.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
21. How a non-dualistic teaching becomes a dualistic religion 15.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
20. The ungodly truth about religion 14.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
19. Separating yourself from dualistic identities 13.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
18. Why good people commit evil acts 12.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
17. Where did you come from 11.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
16. How spiritual evolution occurs 10.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
15. A brief history of planet Earth 09.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
14: The difference between co-creators and angels 08.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
13. Why was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden? 07.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
12. Following a true teacher or a false teacher 06.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
11. What it means to be spiritually reborn 05.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
10. What really happened in the Garden of Eden? 04.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
09. Understanding Christ and anti-christ 03.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
08. How human beings lost contact with their spiritual teachers 02.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
07. Understanding the cosmic growth process 01.03.2007 Lord Maitreya
06. Understanding the purpose of God’s laws 28.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
05. To be MORE, or to be less 27.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
04. The purpose of this universe 26.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
03. Why there is no irrefutable proof that God exists 25.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
02. Seeing beyond the graven images of God 24.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
01. How to find answers to life’s questions 23.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
00. What this book will and will not do for you 22.02.2007 Lord Maitreya
It is time to expose what happened in the Garden of Eden 22.10.2006 Lord Maitreya
The Key to establishing the Mystery School on earth 28.05.2006 Lord Maitreya
Beyond Maitreya’s Mystery School 30.12.2005 Lord Maitreya

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