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Title Created Date Author
How can you truly forgive? 20.09.2019 Master More
Overcoming Anger Against Yourself 01.12.2017 Master MORE
Form a nucleus for world change 04.07.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Wake up—NOW! 25.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
How to change anything on earth 09.06.2017 Master MORE
MM 09. The out-breath and the in-breath of God 09.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 08. Power and freedom 08.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 07. Power and peace 07.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 06. Power and healing 06.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 05. Power and acceleration 05.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 04. Power and love 04.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 03. Power and wisdom 03.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 02. Power and will 02.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 01. Introducing the First Ray 01.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
How to embody the First Ray 23.06.2013 Master MORE
The ascended masters love the Russian people 13.06.2013 Master MORE
The illusion of a superior race 17.06.2012 Master MORE
The Flame of More 03.05.2012 Master MORE
What is the true Will and Power of God – it is to see you accepting and receiving God's Love freely! 30.12.2011 Master MORE
How can the Lithuanian people overcome the perversions of the Father Flame and be more in life? 30.10.2011 Master MORE
Rethinking American democracy is the will of God 09.02.2011 Master MORE
Knowing the will of God in the Year of the Mother 05.01.2011 Master MORE
God's true Power and God's true will is creativity expressed in matter 05.01.2011 Master MORE
08a. Understanding will and power (2) 29.12.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
23. Helping the Earth Mother without doing anything 14.12.2010 El Morya - Master MORE
Enter into the undivided decisiveness and create your own life and your own kingdom 15.06.2010 Master MORE
Only those who seek to raise up all life will enter the ascension spiral 13.06.2010 Master MORE
Abraham’s God was the Living God—not a dead god 25.10.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
A non-linear view of karma 17.04.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
Let there be joy in your spirituality 11.04.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
Taking Responsibility for Your Mind 31.12.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
You cannot overcome the past without looking at the past 31.10.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
Remembering your own sins no more—by being MORE 29.06.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
When you understand MORE, things can change quickly 27.10.2007 El Morya - Master MORE
There IS MORE to Life! 26.10.2007 El Morya - Master MORE
Let your vision be MORE 21.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
We prepare for a mighty work in Europe 09.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
All I want is constantly growing students 01.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
God government versus human government 30.09.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
Find centeredness in the heart 27.05.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
There is only one test on the spiritual path 04.01.2006 E Morya - Master MORE
Forgive those who have hurt you and walk into the new day 29.12.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
The ascended masters seek to reach all lifestreams 29.12.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
I will help you let go of your fears 22.10.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
If you want to BE with me, become more—as I AM 22.10.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Laugh at the devil—and yourself! 28.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Why on earth are you here on earth? 26.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE

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The sound files for the Estonia conference are now on the subscriber's website in a folder named Estonia 2019.   The text files for the Ukraine conference are on the Ascended Master...


Just a reminder that our yearly conference in Estonia is coming up at the end of November.   Because it is usually a smaller conference, we have more time for people to...


For subscribers, the sound files for the American conference have been uploaded.    They are in a folder named US 2019.     {crossposting}


If you cannot participate in person for our upcoming conference in Washington, D.C., you might want to consider participating via the webinar. Participants via the webinar all feel they have a...

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