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Title Created Date Author
Planet earth is a reality simulator 02.12.2019 Gautama Buddha
Everything is connected 21.09.2019 Gautama Buddha
How idolatry and elitism subverts freedom 01.01.2019 Gautama Buddha
Feeling Good about Being on Earth 03.12.2017 Gautama Buddha
Know the Eternal Silence! 05.07.2005 Gautama Buddha
Being at peace on the spiritual path 04.06.2017 Gautama Buddha
Solving the enigmas of the path to Buddhahood 06.05.2017 Gautama Buddha
Is America a Christian or a Buddhist nation? 19.07.2015 Gautama Buddha
Surfing the wave or crashing into it 01.01.2015 Gautama Buddha
Feeding or transcending your fear of the future 31.12.2016 Gautama Buddha
The unchanging and the ever-moving Buddha 04.07.2016 Gautama Buddha
The changes needed in the Asian mindset 02.07.2016 Gautama Buddha
Peace through accelerating your perception 05.01.2016 Gautama Buddha
Is religion a disguised form of satanism? 01.01.2014 Gautama Buddha
Isn’t it time to stop following the false path of empty promises? 01.01.2013 Gautama Buddha
The outward-inward journey of the lifestream 17.06.2012 Gautama Buddha
Seek the Buddha in the stillness that makes movement possible 30.12.2011 Gautama Buddha
A golden-age view of what it means to be President 13.02.2011 Gautama Buddha
The need to transcend representative democracy 11.02.2011 Gautama Buddha
The choice is yours: increased resistance or increased transcendence 01.01.2011 Gautama Buddha
30. Transcending hatred of the Mother 21.12.2010 Gautama Buddha
Communism was an attempt to destroy the figure-eight flow between East and West 13.06.2010 Gautama Buddha
I withdraw space from the consciousness of anger against women 14.02.2010 Gautama Buddha
Overcoming your dramas by going from reacting to acting 31.12.2009 Gautama Buddha
The eleventh ray of transcendence 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The tenth ray of transparency 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The ninth ray of equilibrium 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The eighth ray of integration 08.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
Know the Dharma in the Modern Age 04.01.2009 Gautama Buddha
Remember the point of stillness within you 02.11.2008 Gautama Buddha
Forming the true sangha of the Buddha 29.06.2008 Gautama Buddha
Understanding the Buddha and the Mother 23.03.2008 Gautama Buddha
The dark emperor has nothing on 31.12.2007 Gautama Buddha
Project a new vision of the world upon the Ma-ter light 28.10.2007 Gautama Buddha
Saint Germain is the Buddha for the Aquarian age 15.07.2007 Gautama Buddha
A special dispensation to help Europeans rise above the past 20.05.2007 Gautama Buddha
A Buddhic perspective on how America can represent Christ in the world 08.04.2007 Gautama Buddha
How to attain unconditional peace 01.01.2007 Gautama Buddha
Beware of the superiority-inferiority dynamic 22.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
Are you awake? 20.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
Keeping your peace while letting your light shine 01.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
How ego games destroy spiritual communities 01.01.2006 Gautama Buddha
Call for the spiritual healing of children 31.12.2005 Gautama Buddha
Non-attachment is the master Key to the Ascension 23.10.2005 Gautama Buddha

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