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Title Created Date Author
Cut the ties to the past and dare to reach for new ideas 29.11.2019 Saint Germain
Can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation? 21.09.2019 Saint Germain
Transcending the suppression of creativity 02.12.2017 Saint Germain
I claim Denmark for the Age of Transcendence 29.10.2011 Saint Germain
The key to being the open door in the Year of the Mother 04.01.2011 Saint Germain
Transcending fear-based societies 11.06.2017 Saint Germain
Bureaucracy and government in the golden age 11.06.2017 Saint Germain
A positive vision of the golden age 03.06.2017 Saint Germain
Knowing the true purpose of democracy 02.06.2017 Saint Germain
The direct way to direct democracy 03.05.2017 Saint Germain
A higher form of democracy in America 18.07.2015 Saint Germain
Will You Co-create the Golden Age? 24.08.2015 Saint Germain
Do you want to be free? 27.07.2015 Saint Germain
The secret to manifesting a Golden Age 04.07.2016 Saint Germain
The Golden Age potential for South Korea 02.07.2016 Saint Germain
The questions most people cannot even ask 22.06.2013 Saint Germain
Elitism is the key to understanding history 22.06.2013 Saint Germain
The Alpha and the Omega of the golden age 21.06.2013 Saint Germain
Diversity is the master key to the golden age 21.06.2013 Saint Germain
The higher stages of Christhood and the path of Buddhahood 15.06.2013 Saint Germain
Who will embody the Freedom Flame in Russia? 15.06.2013 Saint Germain
Oneness with Saint Germain’s heart 16.06.2012 Saint Germain
Freedom beyond symbols 19.10.2012 Saint Germain
Violet flame diplomacy for higher vision in Europe 23.06.2012 Saint Germain
Anchoring the flames of Freedom and Liberty in China 22.06.2012 Saint Germain
Anchoring a mighty Pillar of Freedom in Central Asia 29.12.2011 Saint Germain
A new frame of reference for freedom 26.11.2011 Saint Germain
The true alchemy of freedom 12.02.2011 Saint Germain
29. Individuality is the key to the Golden Age 20.12.2010 Saint Germain
14. What it truly means to be free 05.12.2010 Saint Germain
Imagination, acceptance, oneness: A new formula for alchemy in the Golden Age 12.06.2010 Saint Germain
I officially inaugurate the Aquarian age—catch my enthusiasm 22.03.2010 Saint Germain
The Roman Empire symbolizes your personal struggle with the structures you have created 13.02.2010 Saint Germain
How a limited imagination blocks peace in the Middle East 03.02.2010 Saint Germain
Alchemy is a creative process 29.10.2009 Saint Germain
The thirteenth ray of creative flow 10.05.2009 Saint Germain
The end of nation states and the beginning of the Golden Age 12.04.2009 Saint Germain
Overcome Your Dramas 04.01.2009 Saint Germain
How can Europe be free, when the minds of the people are imprisoned by illusions? 01.11.2008 Saint Germain
I have withdrawn my Presence from the White House 26.09.2008 Saint Germain
Do you want an economy for the people or an economy for the elite? 21.09.2008 Saint Germain
NOW is the time to embrace the Golden Age consciousness! 28.06.2008 Jesus
Envisioning the money system of the Golden Age 22.03.2008 Saint Germain
Integrating the teachings on the Eight Ray 30.12.2007 Saint Germain
Freedom means surrender into oneness 29.12.2007 Saint Germain
Without vision the people perish, but with pure vision they manifest a Golden Age 24.12.2007 Saint Germain
Poverty is hatred of the Mother 20.12.2007 Saint Germain
Reconnect to your highest love and fulfill your divine plan 15.12.2007 Saint Germain
No nation is an island 27.10.2007 Saint Germain
Is it CONSEQUENTIAL for bringing in the Golden Age? 15.07.2007 Saint Germain
I challenge you to rethink the concept of ownership 15.07.2007 Saint Germain
Politics and education in the Golden Age 15.07.2007 Saint Germain
Be MORE than normal! 14.07.2007 Saint Germain
Overcoming the grand illusion of the scarcity of resources 14.07.2007 Saint Germain
The secret about the rise and fall of Golden Ages 14.07.2007 Saint Germain
The Golden Age requires an all-encompassing shift in consciousness 13.07.2007 Saint Germain
Let us rise above the fighting over land! 20.05.2007 Saint Germain
The future of the planet depends on your willingness to BE 19.05.2007 Saint Germain
It is time for a revolution of thought in Europe 18.05.2007 Saint Germain
How can America be one nation under God? 07.04.2007 Saint Germain
Understanding the elite and the counter-elite 06.04.2007 Saint Germain
Be free as a little child 21.10.2006 Saint Germain
We prepare for a new cycle in Europe 09.10.2006 Saint Germain
I hurl the challenge: To be or not to be 03.10.2006 Saint Germain
Claim your Freedom in Europe! 30.09.2006 Saint Germain
Let the winds of change be unleashed 04.07.2006 Saint Germain
The true alchemy of the heart 25.05.2006 Saint Germain
Always look for the practical solution—not the ideal solution 03.01.2006 Saint Germain
Who will keep the Living Flame of Life? 31.12.2005 Saint Germain
I Claim South America for the Cause of Freedom! 21.12.2005 Saint Germain
Claim Your Freedom from Religion! 22.10.2005 Saint Germain
The protection of the Office of the Presidency 21.10.2005 Saint Germain
Share my vision of the Golden Age America 10.10.2005 Saint Germain
Visualize a better future by understanding the problems of today 31.08.2005 Saint Germain
Anchoring the Freedom Flame in the center of the earth 04.07.2005 Saint Germain
I come to join forces with Jesus and Mother Mary 01.07.2005 Saint Germain

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As you can all see, it is difficult to predict how governments will respond to the Corona crisis.My attitude is that if it is legal to hold gaterings and legal...


There is now a new invocation to Astrea for consuming the SARS-CoV-2 virus, all other Corona viruses and the COVID-19 disease. CLICK HERE.


I have updated the program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil. You can see the changes HERE.


We now have four conferences planned for 2020.    You can find more information about them here.       {crossposting}

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