Mother Mary

We all know from the Bible that Mother Mary is the mother of Jesus. But most people don’t realize where she is today and who she is today. I am not here to bash any particular church, but if you look at history, you will see that there was a period about 3-400 years after Jesus completed his mission when the orthodox church, the Roman Catholic Church, started forming. And if you look at the historical facts, you see that part of what happened was that the church elevated Jesus above and beyond any other human being.

One of the reasons Mother Mary is still relevant to us today is that she represents the divine feminine. Why is the divine feminine important to us today? There is a universal principle that you see in many other religions. I am sure all of you are familiar with the Tai Chi. It shows the two basic forces of the universe, namely a masculine and a feminine, or Yin and Yang. Mother Mary has explained through me that the masculine is the expanding force, and the feminine is the contracting force. They work together, and only when they work together in harmony do you have a harmonious creation. If there is not the right balance between the two forces, you will have an unbalanced state. You can have that in your own being or you can have it in society. And I don’t think it takes a lot of imagination to look at our society and see that we have a lot of imbalance. Part of the reason is that for several thousand years the Judeo-Christian tradition has been so male-dominated, so male-focused. And the feminine has been downplayed. She can help us feel the Mother flame of God, which empowers us to accept that we too are sons and daughters of God and that Jesus is our brother, not some idol to be worshipped.

The main thing Mother Mary can do for you on this website is to give you the teachings and the practical tools you need in order to change your approach to God from the passive to the active approach. What Mother Mary offers you here is the opportunity to become a self-sufficient spiritual being who is taking responsibility for your life, your outer situation, the inner situation of your psyche and your spiritual growth—what some call salvation. 

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