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Title Created Date Author
The Christ refuses to fit in any mental box 01.12.2019 Jesus
Anchoring the flame of Christ discernment in all of post communist nations 21.09.2019 Jesus
Being Free of Your Primal Self 03.12.2017 Jesus
Freeing Yourself from Impossible Desires 03.12.2017 Jesus
It is time to accept the unconditional forgiveness of Christ 29.10.2011 Jesus
Hypocrites need not apply! 05.07.2005 Jesus
I, Jesus Christ, kneel before God in you 26.03.2005 Jesus
The subtle discernment between Christ and anti-christ 11.06.2017 Jesus
Your spiritual Modus Operandi 04.06.2017 Jesus
Understanding why you cannot understand Christhood 05.05.2017 Jesus
The judgment of Christ upon the false Jesus 19.07.2015 Jesus
Sacred geometry in Asian societies 03.07.2016 Jesus
J09. A Movement Guided by the Spirit 29.03.2014 Jesus
J08. How Grace and Works Work Together 28.03.2014 Jesus
J07. How to Free Christianity from Anti-Christ 27.03.2014 Jesus
J06. Exposing the Consciousness of Anti-christ 26.03.2014 Jesus
J05. Christianity Perverted the Concept of a Savior 25.03.2014 Jesus
J04. The Inner Meaning of the Fall of Man 24.03.2014 Jesus
J03. Peter Represented the Satanic Consciousness 23.03.2014 Jesus
J02. Has Christianity Turned Jesus into Anti-christ? 22.03.2014 Jesus
J01. The Problem with Words 21.03.2014 Jesus
Why the Ego Is Always “Right” 01.08.2013 Jesus
The Importance of Ego Dramas 01.08.2013 Jesus
The Unreality of the Epic Struggle 03.08.2013 Jesus
How the Epic Struggle Is Justified 04.08.2013 Jesus
The Origin of Personal Dramas 05.08.2013 Jesus
The Origin of Epic Dramas 06.08.2013 Jesus
The Essential Flaw of Dramas 07.08.2013 Jesus
Why People Cling to Their Dramas 08.08.2013 Jesus
What the Ascended Masters Can and Cannot Do 09.08.2013 Jesus
Play Your Part—Indefinitely 10.08.2013 Jesus
Could God Make a Mistake? 11.08.2013 Jesus
A Specific Outcome MUST Be Achieved 12.08.2013 Jesus
You Know Better Than God 13.08.2013 Jesus
God Needs Your Help 14.08.2013 Jesus
The World Might End 15.08.2013 Jesus
Does the Christ Have Opinions? 16.08.2013 Jesus
Claiming Your Innocence 17.08.2013 Jesus
Give Up Changing the Fallen Beings 18.08.2013 Jesus
Free yourself from the difficult people in your life 30.03.2013 Jesus
Allow yourself to feel the Joy of Christ 16.06.2013 Jesus
Closing the gap between yourself and Christ 08.04.2012 Jesus
Question your role in the reality simulator 17.06.2012 Jesus
Only the joy of the childlike mind will get you through 2012 31.12.2011 Jesus
Shattering the serpentine lie of freeing the people through Communism 24.09.2011 Jesus
Putting Satan behind you or putting Satan between you and God 03.01.2011 Jesus
Tune in to the true Joy of the Spirit that I AM 13.06.2010 Jesus
I, Jesus, withdraw my light from Christianity 11.02.2010 Jesus
Nature was my church 28.10.2009 Jesus
I come to awaken the Christed ones to a new opportunity 24.10.2009 Jesus
The twelfth ray of rebirth 10.05.2009 Jesus
Serve fully by being at peace 04.01.2009 Jesus
21. Transcending the path to Christhood 22.07.2008 Jesus
20. The Alpha and the 
Omega of Christhood 21.07.2008 Jesus
19. Understanding who 
Christ really is 20.07.2008 Jesus
18. Find your Self 
by losing your self 19.07.2008 Jesus
17. The non-violence of the 
Living Christ 18.07.2008 Jesus
16. Rediscovering your will to BE 17.07.2008 Jesus
15. Truly sophisticated ignorance 16.07.2008 Jesus
14. Gray ignorance 15.07.2008 Jesus
13. Black-and-white ignorance 14.07.2008 Jesus
12. Escaping the subtle 
trap of pride 13.07.2008 Jesus
11. Get off the treadmill 
of competition 12.07.2008 Jesus
10. Raising anger above fear 11.07.2008 Jesus
09. Freedom from cravings 10.07.2008 Jesus
08. Seeking first the kingdom of God 09.07.2008 Jesus
07. Loving yourself free 
from conditions 08.07.2008 Jesus
06. Confront your fears! 07.07.2008 Jesus
05. Decide to be teachable! 06.07.2008 Jesus
04. The beam 
in your own eye 05.07.2008 Jesus
03. The second challenge 
of Christ 04.07.2008 Jesus
02. The first 
challenge of Christ 03.07.2008 Jesus
01. Exposing the graven images 
of Christ 02.07.2008 Jesus
00. The sword of Christ 01.07.2008 Jesus
Choose ye this day the parallel universe in which you want to abide 02.11.2008 Jesus
Understanding the challenge of moving from individuality to community 24.08.2008 Jesus
NOW is the time to embrace the Golden Age consciousness! 28.06.2008 Jesus
The kingdom of God is at hand—through the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother 23.03.2008 Jesus
Responsibility Games 11.08.2007 Jesus
Love and Hate Games 13.08.2007 Jesus
Blame Games 12.08.2007 Jesus
Validation Games 10.08.2007 Jesus
Competition and Comparison Games 09.08.2007 Jesus
Control Games 08.08.2007 Jesus
Power and Winning Games 07.08.2007 Jesus
Survival Games 06.08.2007 Jesus
Security Games 05.08.2007 Jesus
Defining Ego Games 04.08.2007 Jesus
Understanding the Norm of the Ego 03.08.2007 Jesus
How to Make LIFE Decisions 02.08.2007 Jesus
Making LIFE Decisions or Death Decisions 01.08.2007 Jesus
The Living Christ is the true King of Britain 28.10.2007 Jesus
Understanding the WORD as LOGOS 08.04.2007 Jesus
Passing through the screen door to heaven 07.04.2007 Jesus
Why you are not forgiven for rejecting the INNER WORD 06.04.2007 Jesus
Why you will be justified or condemned by the WORD 06.04.2007 Jesus
Virtues of Magnificent Confusion 25.08.2006 Jesus
A House Divided Against Itself 24.07.2006 Jesus
Diverting Your Attention From the Inner Path 18.07.2006 Jesus
A Spiritual Teaching Can Abort Your Growth 14.07.2006 Jesus
When the Ego’s World Is Gray 16.05.2006 Jesus
When the Ego’s World Is Black and White 09.05.2006 Jesus
Becoming a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 07.05.2006 Jesus
Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole 27.04.2006 Jesus
Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees 26.04.2006 Jesus
Spiritual Blindness – the Main Ego Challenge 15.04.2006 Jesus
Do not hold your peace—share it! 22.10.2006 Jesus
Let the people of Europe choose the Living Christ! 01.10.2006 Jesus
Become the open door for the Living Christ 28.05.2006 Jesus
I will send you to bear witness to Christ truth in this age 26.05.2006 Jesus
The inescapable decision to let the ego die 23.04.2006 Jesus
Is There Room in the Inn For the Living Christ To Be born? 27.03.2005 Jesus
The judgment is complete 31.12.2005 Jesus
It is time to understand my true message of oneness 25.12.2005 Jesus
See the Living Christ in yourself—and let the Living Word flow through you 23.12.2005 Jesus
The Living Christ is ALWAYS more than you think 23.10.2005 Jesus
I am come to inaugurate the Age of the Universal Christ 01.07.2005 Jesus
East is East and West is West, and the Twain Shall Indeed Meet 11.05.2005 Jesus
You cannot give away what you do not own 28.03.2005 Jesus
The True Community of the Holy Spirit 26.07.2004 Jesus
I Am Come Again—through You! 25.07.2004 Jesus
The decision to BE your God flame in action 13.07.2003 Jesus
Leave the outer path and follow the inner path 19.08.2003 Jesus
25. Jesus' original comments about the book 20.11.2002 Jesus
24. What You Can Do for Jesus 19.11.2002 Jesus
23. The Second Coming of Christ 18.11.2002 Jesus
22. Techniques for Attaining Christhood 17.11.2002 Jesus
21. Healing Yourself 16.11.2002 Jesus
20. Going Within 15.11.2002 Jesus
19. How to Attain Christhood 14.11.2002 Jesus
07. Understanding Christ Consciousness 13.11.2002 Jesus
06. The Problem on Planet Earth 12.11.2002 Jesus
05. The True Key to Salvation 11.11.2002 Jesus
04. Why Is There Religion in the World? 10.11.2002 Jesus
03. Attaining Christ Consciousness 09.11.2002 Jesus
02. Progressive Revelation 08.11.2002 Jesus
01. You Know My Voice 07.11.2002 Jesus

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