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Title Created Date Author
It is time to share your personal story 01.12.2019 Mother Mary
What is democracy based on? 19.09.2019 Mother Mary
Overcoming the Lack of Nurturance 01.12.2017 Mother Mary
It is time for the women of Poland to say: "Enough is enough!" 29.10.2011 Mother Mary
Beginning to understand Hatred of the Mother 01.01.2011 Mother Mary
The Eternal Breath of the Divine Mother 03.07.2005 Mother Mary
You are here to build an upward spiral 02.07.2005 Mother Mary
Transcend time and space! 02.05.2005 Mother Mary
Let women be raised up in the Catholic Church 02.04.2005 Mother Mary
If you love me, give my Rosary of God’s Will 20.02.2005 Mother Mary
Help me consume the conflict in the Middle East 23.01.2005 Mother Mary
Let us bring Light to earth in this dark season! 21.11.2004 Mother Mary
Accepting the golden age as normal 12.06.2017 Mother Mary
Why a few people can change world events 04.06.2017 Mother Mary
Talking your way into the golden age 01.06.2016 Mother Mary
Accepting the economy of the Golden Age 03.05.2017 Mother Mary
Ask the Ascended Masters to Stop War 21.12.2015 Mother Mary
Opening to Divine Grace 07.12.2015 Mother Mary
You Cannot Force Democracy 23.11.2015 Mother Mary
The shadow and the Devil 11.10.2016 Kim Michaels
Spiritual Reason for the refugee crisis 26.10.2015 Mother Mary
The murder of the Divine Mother is judged 19.07.2015 Mother Mary
Why you took on limitations on earth 18.07.2015 Mother Mary
How to be free of the Soviet Union 20.06.2015 Mother Mary
Transforming the nations of the Soviet block 20.06.2015 Mother Mary
Ego and the Divine Masculine/Feminine 19.10.2015 Mother Mary
The Only Conflict between Men and Women is in Our Minds 12.10.2015 Mother Mary
Roles of Men and Women 05.10.2015 Mother Mary
Stop Believing in Doomsday Prophecies 28.09.2015 Mother Mary
Do Not Follow False Teachers 21.09.2015 Mother Mary
Relationships Between Men and Women 14.09.2015 Mother Mary
Love and Life Cannot be Forced 31.08.2015 Mother Mary
The ascended masters are not too good to be true 17.08.2015 Mother Mary
Receiving the love of the Divine Mother 10.08.2015 Mother Mary
Freedom from Judgments 03.08.2015 Mother Mary
Focus on the positive, long-term perspective 28.06.2015 Mother Mary
Advanced teachings on the human self 22.05.2015 Mother Mary
The Long-term View of Changing the Earth 22.02.2015 Mother Mary
Discovering your spiritual gifts 26.06.2016 Mother Mary
Interactions Between Men and Women 09.04.2016 Mother Mary
Parenting in the New Age 26.03.2016 Mother Mary
Science and Spirituality Beyond Boundaries 12.03.2016 Mother Mary
Transcend Your Fears about earth's Resources 15.02.2016 Mother Mary
Taking Sex to a Higher Level 08.02.2016 Mother Mary
There is no opposite sex 01.02.2016 Mother Mary
The importance of any event is what people learn from it 05.03.2016 Mother Mary
I Promise to Help You Overcome Fear 25.01.2016 Mother Mary
Speaking out Makes a Difference 18.01.2016 Mother Mary
The Initiations of 2016 11.01.2016 Mother Mary
Survival of the kindest, not the fittest 03.07.2016 Mother Mary
No more war on the Korean Peninsula 01.07.2016 Mother Mary
Transcending the Daily Grind 25.12.2014 Mother Mary
Freeing yourself and democratic nations from opposing spirits 19.08.2014 Mother Mary
Why totalitarian societies eventually fail 10.05.2014 Mother Mary
Fulfill your highest potential by going beyond feel-good spirituality 13.02.2014 Mother Mary
04. Healing at the physical level 14.03.2013 Mother Mary
How to stop rejecting the abundance of the Divine Mother 23.06.2013 Mother Mary
Reach for the ineffable light 16.06.2013 Mother Mary
Will the people of the light let the fallen beings lead the world? 12.06.2013 Mother Mary
Earth is a means to the transcendence of consciousness 16.06.2012 Mother Mary
Completing the teachings on the fallen beings 27.08.2012 Mother Mary
2012 is the year of the rising up of women everywhere 29.12.2011 Mother Mary
22. Uncovering the central dynamic in human society 13.12.2010 Mother Mary
21. Overcoming the illusion that matter has permanence 12.12.2010 Mother Mary
20. The process of materialization, of matter realization 11.12.2010 Mother Mary
19. The relationship between humans and elementals 10.12.2010 Mother Mary
18. A deeper understanding of the four elements 09.12.2010 Mother Mary
17. Understanding the elemental beings 08.12.2010 Mother Mary
16. A deeper understanding of consciousness 07.12.2010 Mother Mary
15. The illusion that there is something wrong with the earth 06.12.2010 Mother Mary
08. Understanding will and power 29.11.2010 Mother Mary
07. To be a healer, you must know your true potential 28.11.2010 Mother Mary
06. To be a healer, you must overcome your fear of calamity 27.11.2010 Mother Mary
05. Understanding the basic principle behind all life 26.11.2010 Mother Mary
04. Understanding how the earth was created 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
03. A new vision for approaching environmental problems 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
02. You are consciousness looking at itself 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
01. Overcoming the sense of being powerless 23.11.2010 Mother Mary
00. Introduction to Healing Mother Earth 22.11.2010 Mother Mary
It is time to accelerate yourself beyond psychic projections 15.10.2010 Mother Mary
You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God! 13.06.2010 Mother Mary
The suppression of women must come to an end – in the Church and in the home 13.02.2010 Mother Mary
It is time to face hatred of the mother 10.02.2010 Mother Mary
Closing the gap on the spiritual path 19.04.2009 Mother Mary
What you need from outside the separate self 17.04.2009 Mother Mary
The resurrection of the Divine Mother in Holland 11.04.2009 Mother Mary
A New Type of Spiritual Community 04.01.2009 Mother Mary
Communicate that life is MORE 03.01.2009 Mother Mary
Only Oneness between masculine and feminine can stop war 01.11.2008 Mother Mary
The Olympic Spirit is the Spirit of Oneness among people 17.08.2008 Mother Mary
Overcome your grand illusions to find a higher level of service 27.06.2008 Mother Mary
Who IS the Divine Mother 23.03.2008 Mother Mary
Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of God 22.03.2008 Mother Mary
The Divine Mother is back—and she is here to stay! 01.01.2008 Mother Mary
Taking command over your state of mind 22.06.2007 Mother Mary
Understanding power and love in the roles of men and women 27.10.2007 Mother Mary
I come to awaken those who volunteered to bring in the Golden Age! 12.07.2007 Mother Mary
Unconditional acceptance leads to unconditional surrender of all conditions 18.05.2007 Mother Mary
Reconnecting to the love that brought you to this world 07.04.2007 Mother Mary
Overcoming the planetary momentum of death 05.04.2007 Mother Mary
Leave the eternal struggle and find freedom in the Eternal NOW 18.02.2007 Mother Mary
When your forgiveness is unconditional, your joy will be full 26.11.2006 Mother Mary
We want our students to self-transcend 22.10.2006 Mother Mary
The master key to growth is integration between your Higher and lower Being 20.10.2006 Mother Mary
Allow yourself to enjoy the journey 01.10.2006 Mother Mary
Be spiritual regardless of outer conditions 30.09.2006 Mother Mary
Those who start wars cannot stop war 08.09.2006 Mother Mary
The underlying cause of conflict in the Middle East 16.07.2006 Mother Mary
Anchoring the Mother Light in the base chakra of America 21.06.2006 Mother Mary
I seal you in the Mother's Love 28.05.2006 Mother Mary
Dare to let your light shine! 26.05.2006 Mother Mary
Why environmentalism is lacking love 25.05.2006 Mother Mary
It is time to purify the heart 16.04.2006 Mother Mary
Help us build the City Foursquare 06.03.2006 Mother Mary
Join me in the River of Life 04.02.2006 Mother Mary
25. Afterword 28.04.2005 Mother Mary
24. Flowing with the River of Life 27.04.2005 Mother Mary
23. Giving Is the Key to Receiving 26.04.2005 Mother Mary
22. Find Your Emotional Freedom 25.04.2005 Mother Mary
21. Discovering Your Divine Plan 24.04.2005 Mother Mary
20. Changing Who You Think You Are 23.04.2005 Mother Mary
19. Dealing with Emotional Pain 22.04.2005 Mother Mary
18. Mind Over Brain 21.04.2005 Mother Mary
17. Your Highest Potential 20.05.2005 Mother Mary
16. The Four Levels of the Universe 19.04.2005 Mother Mary
15. The Law of Return: Giving Is Receiving 18.04.2005 Mother Mary
14. Oneness Is the Source of Joy 17.04.2005 Mother Mary
13. Your Internal Dialogue 16.04.2005 Mother Mary
12. The Illusion of the Angry God 15.04.2005 Mother Mary
11. A Closer Look at the Self 14.04.2005 Mother Mary
10. How the Mortal Self Blocks Abundance 13.04.2005 Mother Mary
09. You Are a Co-creator 12.04.2005 Mother Mary
00. Introduction to A Course in Abundance 03.04.2005 Mother Mary
08. Attaining a Balanced State of Consciousness 11.04.2005 Mother Mary
07. Awakening from the Collective Illusion 10.04.2005 Mother Mary
06. Secret Lessons Behind the Human Struggle 09.04.2005 Mother Mary
05. Bringing Spiritual Light Into the Material World 08.04.2005 Mother Mary
04. Are You Creating Harmony or Lack? 07.04.2005 Mother Mary
03. Actively Receiving Abundance 06.04.2005 Mother Mary
02. Free Yourself from Images of Lack 05.04.2005 Mother Mary
01. Why You Don’t Already Have Abundance 04.04.2005 Mother Mary
What is true healing? (Part 2) 27.03.2005 Mother Mary
Why South America Needs the Discipline of the Father 31.12.2005 Mother Mary
When there is no division, your joy will be full 28.12.2005 Mother Mary
The Light of God can solve all problems 23.12.2005 Mother Mary
Let What Is Hidden Be Revealed 22.12.2005 Mother Mary
Give up the ghost that prevents you from accepting the love of the Divine Mother 22.10.2005 Mother Mary
The gratitude and the judgment of the Divine Mother 21.10.2005 Mother Mary
Will you BE with us in the Golden Age Consciousness? 07.08.2005 Mother Mary
I am overjoyed in the company of saints 05.07.2005 Mother Mary
We cannot save people against their will 01.07.2005 Mother Mary
What is true healing? (Part 1) 27.03.2005 Mother Mary
Will you accept or reject my love? 12.03.2005 Mother Mary
The year of willpower 31.12.2004 Mother Mary
How natural disasters can be mitigated 29.12.2004 Mother Mary
An acceleration in Christhood 29.09.2004 Mother Mary
My rosaries invoke the Omega aspect of the Violet Flame 24.07.2004 Mother Mary
Choose to BE! 01.06.2004 Mother Mary
Accept the kingdom of God on your planet 29.05.2004 Mother Mary
Remember your first love! 02.05.2004 Mother Mary
Total forgiveness leads to total freedom 29.04.2004 Mother Mary
Gratitude is the key to the abundant life 28.03.2004 Mother Mary
Turning back the tides of war 28.02.2004 Mother Mary
Mitigating natural disasters 28.01.2004 Mother Mary
Defend the Christ Within All Life! 27.11.2003 Mother Mary
The year of the shaking earth 28.12.2003 Mother Mary

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