Anchoring the Flame of Integration in the nexus of Scandinavia and Europe

TOPICS: The Dispensation of the Integration Flame – Answering Hamlet’s question becomes your initiation – The Mother unites with the Father through the eighth chakra – Without the integration of Father and Mother, transcendence is not possible – Integration is needed both in a vertical and a horizontal way in order to transcend the old relationship patterns – Demands pervert the Flame of the Father – Mary Magdalene carries the Integration Flame – The dispensation for Denmark – Integrating the generations – The true answer to Hamlet’s question –



Magda (Mary Magdalene), October 22, 2011 through Helen. This dictation was given as the messengers were driving in a car through eastern Denmark, after crossing the Öresund strait at the city of Helsingør (Elsinore).

Mary Magdalene I AM, and I come to anchor the Divine Feminine part of the Integration Flame. The same Integration Flame where the Alpha, or the Father, aspect has been anchored by Saint Germain, before crossing the opening from Sweden to Denmark near the Kronborg Castle—which has always been a symbol of the big question for humankind: whether to be or not to be?”

And indeed, the question for humankind is whether to be the Christ in matter or not to be the Christ in matter. Because it is easy to be the Christ in heaven, is it not, my beloved? In the ascended realm, nothing hinders or puts any challenges in front of the Christ mind because everything is one.

The Dispensation of the Integration Flame
My beloved, it is my honor to release another portion of light for this dispensation, that we have been intending to release during this week. And indeed, the place where the two messengers landed, near Kronborg, symbolizes the integration point between Denmark and Sweden.


It is the integration chakra of the Scandinavian countries, symbolized by the same age-old question: whether to be or not to be. And that relates to the main initiation of the Year of the Mother for all students who are about to sense a greater liberation and freedom in matter than ever. More integration with their higher Selves results in a sense of greater liberation from their own matter-built ego castles, because when the castle of the ego is gone, the open door for the Father Flame is born. The Spirit of the Father will be flowing freely into the chalice of Christ and be anchored here in matter and expressed here in matter.

Answering Hamlet’s question becomes your initiation
My beloved, that is the question for each chalice or vessel that is embodied in matter: whether to allow the light of the Father to be in matter or not to be in matter? The personal answer to this question becomes your initiation of the Integration Flame in Mother. The Mother can integrate with the Father through her purity, through the purity of the mind, the intentions and the heart, where nothing holds back the unconditional love of the Mother that Mother has towards her creation in matter. The true meaning of integration is that the Mother raises herself up in matter through the Purity Flame.


All seven chakras of the Mother become aligned with each other through the Purity Flame. Then the Freedom Flame of the Father and the Purity of the Mother are not bound by anything that can hold back the natural acceleration rate of the Purity Flame, which then can also be expressed in matter.

The Mother unites with the Father through the eighth chakra
When the Mother doesn’t have anything that decreases the natural cosmic acceleration rate in her chakras, then the Mother fully unites with the Father through the Integration Flame in her eighth chakra, which is the point of singularity. In the point of singularity, the pyramid of the Father Spirit meets the spheres of matter. This point of integration is where the celestial light of Spirit – the Father – meets the Mother and charges the pyramid of life in matter.
My beloved, integrating the Spirit with matter has been something that each one of you have pondered during the Year of the Mother. And before the Year of the Mother ends, you will have attained a different view on it than before. Everyone who has thought about the initiation of the Year of the Mother has already sensed the necessity to spiritually integrate with life in matter to a greater extent than before.


And people who are in tune with the Flame of the Mother – the consciousness of the Divine Mother – have already sensed that need before this dictation, and intuitively tuned in to the Flame of Integration by letting the pyramid of the celestial Father be in conjunction with the pyramid of the true Self in matter. In other words, the true integration is when the biophysical pyramid meets the celestial pyramid of Spirit through the singularity and expresses the individualized God Flame in all four spheres in matter.


Thus, true integration means that nothing is hindering the flow from the spiritual realm into the matter realm, where the light of the father meets the point in matter—and there is no longer a question of whether to be or not to be in matter. The question has become irrelevant for the Christed mind, because the Christed mind will see that the ego, indeed, is not infinite, but God IS.

The old ego–covered chalices do not carry the flow of light into matter
That is the thought, my beloved, to ponder for the rest of the Year of the Mother, as it will help you let go of all hurdles that hold you back. To be or not to be; that is the question for the Christed mind to ponder during the Year of the Mother.

Because what would happen if the chalice in matter is lukewarm or half-ready to receive the light of the Father? On the one hand, he wants to receive the light of the Father but on the other hand he doesn’t fully dare to express it in matter and is still bound by the question of whether to be or not to be the Christ in matter—whether to be the Christ in matter or whether to be the ego in matter?


What happens, then, when this lukewarm chalice is overflowing with the energies of the Spirit, the light of the Father? Well, my beloved, the light of the Father is so strong, that no matter how big of a castle (of the Separate Self) or how big of an ego-covered chalice you would build, the light of the Father will break down all artificiality of lukewarmness as long as there exists the question of whether to be or not to be.


That is why, my beloved, you have seen during this Year of the Mother, so many events that have outplayed and confirmed the one reality, namely that when the light of the Father has increased its acceleration rate for the earth – and shines through more than ever – then those old ego-covered chalices do not carry the flow of light into matter. So therefore, the old chalices need to disappear, be consumed by the light of the Father, and new transparent chalices fully made by the crystal clear christed mind, are needed in order to embody the Flame of Integration.


Thus, the point of singularity in your eighth chakra, the point of oneness in each one of you, faces the initiations of integration during the Year of the Mother. Of course, those initiations are dependent upon the consciousness level of the christed mind. That is the intelligence of the Divine Father: the Father knows when and how the initiation is given. Therefore, my beloved, these initiations will take place until the mind of Christ is born fully and until the upper pyramid of Spirit meets the pyramid of the true Self in matter through the point of oneness.
The pure Father Flame meets the pure Mother in the point of singularity, and they experience the sense of oneness – the flow of the River of Life from Father into Mother – so that through the point of singularity, the Flame of Integration can renew matter to its fullest extent: can build a new celestial architecture into the four spheres in matter, into the identity realm, from there to the mental realm, and from there to the emotional and finally to the physical realm.


All the old matrixes in matter will then change according to the newly-born divine geometry through fire, air, water and earth in the coming years. And therefore, it is important for people and for humankind to pass the initiation of integration during the Year of the Mother, so that the people would be able to grasp the fullness of the Flame of Transcendence – the Holy Spirit – that will be bring new initiations for humankind during 2012.  

Without the integration of Father and Mother, transcendence is not possible
Without the integration of Father and Mother, transcendence simply is not possible, is it, my beloved? Because, how do you think the Flame of the Father will flow into matter to renew matter and give birth to new seeds in matter? The new seeds are the new ideas, new patterns, that then form a new society, new business models and new ways of thinking.


Those are the new seeds of the Spirit, that humankind will face in the coming period, and those seeds can be born in matter in their full purity only when there is nothing that hinders their progress and growth in matter. Therefore, my beloved, do you see how important it is to let go of all those ego-based chalices, the carefully finished and polished spiritual personas.
Glorifying those personas can happen even after people have studied the teachings and done several types of spiritual exercises, such as decrees or rosaries. Yet, still people haven’t questioned, or rather answered, within themselves the main question of Christ, which is whether to be or not to be the Christ in matter. Whether to express the Christ or not to express the Christ in matter? 


And my beloved, I can tell you that without finding an honest answer to that question, the birth of the Christ in matter simply is not possible. Because before you can really give birth to Christ in matter, you have to be able to see honestly all your ego-built desires, wishes, attractions, addictions, and also the things that the ego would rather avoid encountering. Those questions need to be answered. The ego and the ego-based desires really need to die before the Christ or the Christ mind can be fully born and expressed in matter. What use is it if the Christ mind is born only in the mental or the identity level? Because the mental or the identity level are still two or more levels upwards from the physical, where seeds need to be planted and need to be nourished, until they grow and are ready to be harvested in matter.


My beloved, the chalice of the Christ mind is the integration point between the Father and the Mother. And therefore it is important for you to ponder this, so that you keep your chalice – your Christ mind – so ego-free that the Father can pour his pure flame into your chalice and the purity of the Mother can meet this flame unconditionally, so those two will integrate into one and give birth to the most magnificent new ideas, the most magnificent celestial architecture in matter, so that humankind on planet earth collectively can make a quantum leap in the coming years.


Integration is needed both in a vertical and a horizontal way in order to transcend the old relationship patterns
To make the quantum leap, that, of course, requires integration in both ways. First, to integrate with the Flame of the Father vertically, so that each person himself could be centered with their true Self and start building the pyramid of the true Self in all four planes in matter. And second, after building true integration between Father and Mother, only then is a person able to build a true relationship with other people in matter—in order to relate with other people, which is to see the wholeness and oneness also in a horizontal level, as Mother Mary said in Hawaii.


Building true and honest relationships is only possible, when people are centered with a true divine identity. Because otherwise, the relationships that have been started and built through the identity of the separate self, are always seeking fulfillment for the ego. And as long as relationships are created in order to fulfill the ego’s infinite quest for attention and completion through other people, it is not possible for humankind to transcend the old patterns both in families and in society.
Why do so many relationships end in big arguments—and a relationship here is any kind of relation of people who unite in partnership, either personal or business? When two people unite with each other through their separate minds, they seek to fulfill or to complete themselves through other people. Which in other words means, that they seek to find something from other people that they do not quite see being in themselves.


When people have not yet developed the ability to unite with their divine self first – and thus they seek to get fulfillment here below – they are not able to see that somebody else can never fulfill the ego’s endless desires. The role of any relationship is not to seek to get other people to fulfill the ego’s unfulfilled desires or fill the ego-based sense of incompleteness. When you take a closer look, you see, that only the ego would demand something from other people, either in a consciously expressed or subconsciously unexpressed form. If you enter into a relationship based on this sense of emptiness, where you want that the other person should fulfill the emptiness caused by your separate self, then this relationship can only be a rocky road.

Demands pervert the Flame of the Father
What happens with the Flame of the Father, when a human being enters into this relationship and does not have the natural flow of the Spirit, which is always giving and wants to serve others? The Flame of the Father will be turned then into its perversion: instead of giving, the light is used for demanding something from other people. The natural outgoing flow is reversed. As the Flame of the Father always seeks to give and serve, by doing that it expresses his love in matter.


If the Father is reversed in the ego-based desire to seek for completion from other people, then the Father flame is turned into its perversion. Instead of sharing his presence, the Father cannot be expressed in form, in matter, but the perversion of the Father will be then expressed in matter as anger or resentment towards other people, who have not fulfilled the ego-based desires and ego-based demands to seek for your own sense of completion from other human beings.
Therefore, my beloved, do you see how important it is for humankind to actually overcome all the perversions in relationships, especially perverting the Father? How important it is, before entering into any kind of relationship to enter first into the main relationship that is your relationship with your divine self, with your I AM presence. Enter into this relationship through the pure Christ mind! Enter into this relationship through the pure Flame of Integration.

Mary Magdalene carries the Integration Flame
Integration as a Flame is part of my task. When I was in embodiment together with Jesus, I, Mary Magdalene, embodied this flame also during Jesus’ dispensation. And as Jesus has expressed, I helped him to keep the balance during this embodiment. This flame helped not only him but other people who were in tune with Spirit and wanted to integrate the internal lessons and teachings that Jesus had given to his most advanced disciples. The Flame of Integration is a flame that the Buddha has talked about, when he explained the eighth ray qualities. The Flame of integration is hard to ponder for the ego, and the Flame of Integration is something that you will hear and see humankind speaking about more and more in coming decades.
Of course, people will not talk about this flame using the divine concepts, but they talk about it using their own words. You will see throughout society how more and more people will be open to integration. Integration with their Divine Selves, integration with other people, even integration between countries and continents, as Saint Germain has pointed out.
What beauty of the Integration Flame, that enables you to grasp not only the flame of your own divine individuality or the flame of the Spirit that flows through you, but it also enables you – when mastered – to be more in tune with other people in society. So that societies would start to take better care of their members, so that societies would be more open to the true human needs, not so rigidly following the laws and the models that have been developed in previous centuries, but being able to find new models for modern societies that would represent the societies of the Aquarian age.

The dispensation for Denmark
Therefore, the Integration Flame is my portion of this dispensation, that has been opened up now by Saint Germain. And I, Mary Magdalene, anchor the Flame of Integration here in Denmark, and I have done that during this journey from Kronborg castle towards Copenhagen, so that the light is truly anchored here, where there is the greatest potential for this flame to be outpictured in matter.


As you see, my beloved, Copenhagen as the capital of Denmark has shown its big potential through a lot of trading activities already from past centuries. Copenhagen has long been a city that has been integrating with Europe and Scandinavia. It is one of the main hubs for Europe and Scandinavia. Copenhagen is expressing a lot of the natural openness and the desire to integrate with other nations that is part of the Danish mindset. Thus, everyone who comes here to the area of Copenhagen, can sense the openness of the Danish people and their desire to serve in the best way by integrating with other nations.
The Flame of Integration is very much part of the Danish mindset. During previous centuries, the Danes were smart enough to figure out that through trading with other countries, through building good relationships with their neighbors, they were able to secure their own nation, which back then was an important skill for survival. They realized that by having good relationships and integrating with other nations and other cultures, they got the experiences that they did not have in their own society, and that is the Flame of Integration that enables things to grow more in matter.


It enables things to grow, so that one plus one does not equal two but equals more. Becoming more is the true meaning of the Flame of Integration. You are integrating parts together, through oneness, through the point of singularity by first integrating with the Flame of the Father above, then uniting the individual God flames in matter.


My beloved, this was my gift to you on the territory, on the grounds, of Denmark, during the journey from Kronborg towards Copenhagen and further. This was my Flame that I integrated here. This was the Flame of integration represented not only by myself but represented also by Saint Germain, the Buddha and by many other ascended masters, who all are part of the same flame and consciousness and have contributed to making this flame more.


My beloved, it is the true meaning of the Aquarian age that everybody wants to contribute to making life better, that everybody is geared towards new, higher ideas in order to give birth in matter, so that not only they themselves will grow but that the entire society can grow through those ideas. Therefore, you see a burst of charitable activities among even very young people, especially the younger generation who is about to enter the schools. You see how those people, those young people, already have the ideas that the older generation often finds so extraordinary that they could not even grasp them.

Integrating the generations
Another aspect of the Integration Flame in the Aquarian age will be that the younger generation and the older generation share their experiences, share their Presence. Sometimes, words are not enough or are limited. Sharing the Presence is an activity that is not possible at the level of mental concepts, but only through the free flow of Sprit into the vessel in matter. By merely sharing your Presence, you are helping to increase the Integration Flame. To integrate first of all with your higher mind, with your divine Self, and then integrating your divine individuality into matter is the true art of the Divine Mother.


So, my beloved, I welcome you to the final quadrant of the Year of the Mother, and I thank all those people who have been making their efforts during the Year of the Mother to look at themselves honestly, in order to see their ego-based chalices that cannot hold the accelerated light anymore. I thank those who are willing to get rid of all this false self, so carefully painted and glorified by the ego.


The ego has even thought that if it does a certain amount of decrees and rosaries, then this must be a safe way to heaven or at least a smooth way through the Year of the Mother. But as many of you have seen, the Year the Mother indeed breaks down all the facades, which are sometimes very carefully painted masks. Taking down those masks is of course a healthy change. Because when a false facade is broken, then the true chalice of the Christ can be born in true integration.
That is the role of the true Christ mind: to let go of all facades, and I am very happy to see that more and more people are able to work with their egos. They are able to see the ego-based facades, they are able to see the false identities that the ego has built during many embodiments. So during the Year of the Mother, when the acceleration rate of the Spirit has increased so much, then all the facades break down and the true spark of the divine individuality can be born in matter.  And even more importantly, not only be born in matter but be expressed in matter as the true Christ Self, who is not afraid of anything that the serpentine philosophy tries to put upon it. 


The true answer to Hamlet’s question
It is a beautiful birth moment, when the true Self – the christed mind – looks at the serpent and the serpentine logic and claims his Christhood by saying, “I am the Christ, I have the right to be the Christ, I am who I am, and I will be who I will be, despite the serpentine or the fallen logic.”


So, my beloved, this release is complete and to answer the question that Shakespeare long ago portrayed Hamlet to ask, it finds its true answer in the statement: “I will be who I will be.”